Jungle Blunts - News & Updates Vol. 1

Latest News from the Jungle

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Updates from the Jungle

We have some exciting things happening in the Jungle. We are collaborating with several companies, individuals, and growers. As they launch their projects with us we will post updates.

Glass Blunt Holders

Apache Flame Works has created Glass Blunt Holders for our Jungle Blunts. Read more about that below.


Several growers will be packing our wraps with some crazy herbs they are growing. Million Dolla Collective and Show Me Farms to name a couple.

Creative Individuals

We are also working with some very creative individuals who will be promoting and distributing our wraps. @banana_locos on Instagram has been showing lots of love for our products. He’s located in Chicago so get ready to taste the Jungle in the windy city!


New Products & Distribution

Jungle Blunts will be introducing Sunflower Blunts in the next few months. We are currently perfecting the curing process and doing further testing. The first two blunts we smoked were amazing. Smoked like a tobacco wrap without the nicotine.


Check out these awesome Glass Blunt Holders made by Apache Flame Works exclusively for Jungle Blunts. Get them while they are on sale. Find him on Instagram @apacheflameworks

We are currently looking for Independent Distributors and Wholesalers. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested email us at sales@junglewrapz.com and lets discuss the opportunity.