Jungle Blunts Promo Video


We are promoting an Alternative to the current Blunt Wraps on the market. 

All Natural - Tobacco Free - Slow Burn

Straight Out of the Jungle!


We have an AMAZING Blunt Wrap -  All NaturalNon TobaccoNo GMO.

No Chemicals added or used to grow our leaves. Giving you High Quality Blunt Wraps a smooth taste and slow burn.


Species We Use for Our Wraps

Syzygium cumini - Lomboy Tree

It Is native in the Philippines, India, Burma, Ceylon and the Andaman Islands. It was long ago introduced into and became naturalized in Malaya. In southern Asia, the tree is venerated by Buddhists, and it is commonly planted near Hindu temples because it is considered sacred to Krishna. The leaves and fruits are employed in worshiping the elephant-headed god, Ganesha or Vinaijaka, the personification of "Pravana" or "Om", the apex of Hindu religion and philosophy.

Theobroma cacao - Chocolate Tree

Theobroma cacao, also called the cacao tree and the cocoa tree, is a small evergreen tree in the family Malvaceae, native to the deep tropical regions of the Americas

Bambuseae - Bamboo

The Bambuseae are the most diverse tribe of bamboos in the grass family. It consists of woody species from tropical regions, including some giant bamboos

Musa - Banana

Musa is one of two or three genera in the family Musaceae; it includes bananas and plantains. Around 70 species of Musa are known, with a broad variety of uses.