Jungle Blunts Unique Bamboo Tips 


Naturally Antibacterial & No Soggy Ends

Did you know Our Bamboo Blunt Tips are Naturally Antibacterial? Bamboo has many properties, one of them being Bamboo is Antibacterial. They also provide a solid tip so you can avoid soggy blunts. In the near future we will be adding a filter inside our tips. The filter will be made of Coconut Husks. We are in the process of testing and should have them available in the next 2 months.

Coconut Husk Filters

coconut husl filters.PNG

Bamboo Blunt Tips

bamboo tips.PNG

Handmade in the Philippines


Helping Local Filipinos

Another really cool thing about these tips are, they are handmade in the Philippines by one of the groups we work with. Every tip they make helps them expand their facility and create more jobs and supplement income for them. They have made a lot of tips for us and have really perfected them. As we continue to grow we look forward to helping local Filipinos 1. Have an outlet to be creative and 2. Create various ways for them to make extra money.