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Our Blunt Wrap lineup is 6 Naturally Grown Leaves (Lomboy Green & Brown, Cacao, Guava, Banana, Sunflower, and Jamcian Cherry) all Handpicked and Rolled on Tropical Islands in the Philippines. Our wraps are free of any chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Have a look at our Lab Test Results. They are also Naturally Tobacco Free.

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Jungle Blunts Cones
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Blunt Wraps Wholesale

We make sure the trees we use are free from any runoff water around them. The majority of our leaves come from trees at the mountain peaks and ridges. There are usually local farmers grazing cows which act as a natural fertilizer for the trees. These farmers are quite poor and only feed the cows local plant material. As a Horticulturist and environmental enthusiast, I oversee our employees and teach them all the proper ways to harvest and create our products in the most environmentally considerate way we can.

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