Jungle Blunts Affiliate Marketing Program

Updated 4/11/2020

The Problem

In an effort to stay loyal to what Jungle Blunts stands for we are exploring a different approach to brand awareness. There are many large distribution companies throughout the US and the world. While we would like to work with them it’s not always that simple. When companies get too big they have too much control. Just look at Google and Facebook. We can already see what Big Corporations are doing to our industry in just over the last 10 years. Most of them don’t really care too much about what products they sell or how they are made, they care about the bottom line. That said, we have found several larger companies that have been supportive and want to see us succeed and grow and we welcome any opportunities.

MLK Quote

In order to create a distribution network of our own, we have opened an Affiliate Program. Using this systemic approach is a great way for us to expand our reach and help our Affiliates make extra income.

While Jungle Blunts is a corporation by definition, the difference is we are a Benefit Corporation. In short, a Benefit Corporation is a traditional corporation with modified obligations committing it to higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency: Purpose: Benefit corporations commit to creating public benefit and sustainable value in addition to generating profit.

The Solution

The solution is quite simple. We create our own distribution network from the bottom up instead of from the top down. This ensures we don’t feed the problem, by introducing an Affiliate Program we are reaching out to the people who appreciate and understand what our brand stands for.

  • Sustainability of Nature – Our cone wraps come from leaves that are Naturally Grown in the Jungles. Our Sunflower Leaves come from a small sustainable farm that grows rice in the wet season and uses the Sunflowers to purify the soil during the rainy season. Hemp by the way is not grown sustainably. Hemp is being grown as a Monocrop by large corporations in the same way Big Agriculture grows other crops. “Monocropping, the growing of one crop every year on the same stretch of land, is one of the more predominant methods of farming currently being practiced in the world.” (1)
  • Respecting our Employees – We provide high-paying jobs in the Philippines and soon in other countries such as Indonesia. Our workers can earn 2 to 3 times the average salary while working at home.
  • Caring about our Customers – We provide a healthier alternative to the current products offered. Our products all have medicinal properties and all of our leaves can be made into tea for different cures. As a Horticulturist and an Herbalist, I do extensive research on all the plants and trees we use for our products.

The Offer

So, what’s the offer Jungle Blunts? The offer is a 15% commission on sales with Bonuses along the way. I will update this page as we move forward so keep checking back. I will also send out emails to all of our Affiliates to update you on any new additions to this plan.

The most important requirement from you is you truly understand and appreciate what we are doing to help the industry and help our employees and customers. If it resonates with you then you should join our team and help us get our products out to the world. I look forward to working with you and appreciate you taking the time to read this. Most of you are coming here from IG and we have probably had a conversation already so thank you also for reaching out to us. If you are not following us on IG click here and check us out.

Affiliate Marketer Benefits

  • 15% Discount on All Products
  • Minimal Startup Cost (Low Risk)
  • No Website Needed
  • We take care of all orders (No need to worry about shipping Products)
  • Full Support
  • Done from Anywhere in the World
  • No Expertise Required
  • Good Supplementary Source of Income

Online Access

All Affiliates will have Online access to your personal Dashboard to check stats and see commissions earned. Payouts to Venmo and PayPal

  • Conversions
  • Clicks
  • GEO Distributions
  • Commissions

Affiliate Personal Dashboard

Initial Start-Up Cost

In order to get started, it is suggested to purchase at least one Variety Pack. Having tried the wraps you can decide if you are still interested in promoting our products. You can use those wraps for yourself or sell them locally to whomever you choose. To get started just click the Join Now button. Upon approval, you will be sent a Referral Link which you will use to send customers to our website. You can also use that link to purchase products for yourself and get a 15% commission on that also. Commissions are paid out once you reach $50. If you have any questions or need more information feel free to email me at sales@junglewrapz.com