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About Jungle Blunts

How Jungle Blunts Began

Producing Our Blunt Wraps in the Philippines

About Jungle Blunts

When I first stepped foot in the Philippines in 2012, I was struck by the distinct appearance of Lomboy wraps very reminiscent of the Blunt Wraps in the US. By 2016, the seeds of Jungle Blunts were sown. Our initial idea was to collaborate with local women who had been crafting these wraps for years. However, we soon realized that their methods weren’t up to the industry standard.

In our pursuit of perfection, we took the helm—selecting, drying, and preparing the healthiest of leaves. Being a horticulturist added a touch of expertise, ensuring we eradicated bugs and abnormalities from our wraps. We soon established a streamlined process, and under our guidance, our dedicated rollers further enhanced our products.

Local Market for Lomboy Wraps

The original objective was to utilize the expertise of locals already crafting wraps for the tobacco market. But quality is paramount to us. Thus, we decided to embrace the spirit of innovation, teaching a new method rather than altering an old one. And for clarity’s sake, our Blunt Cones are 100% tobacco-free. You can read more about our tobacco-free blunt wraps.

Producing Our Blunt Wraps

Empowering the Filipino Community:

Creating Local Jobs

With every purchase, you’re not just buying a product; you’re creating employment opportunities for our artisan rollers and bamboo craftsmen. Affiliated with Dragonfly Bamboo, a Benefit Corporation, Jungle Blunts is driven by community upliftment. Our mission is expanding to other islands, imparting skills, and offering a chance to earn. In the Barangay (local village) we operate in, our artisans earn three to four times their usual wage. The joy this brings them is palpable.

Filipino Artisans Rollers and Bamboo Craftsman

Explaining the Project to the Locals

Our venture began with scouting for Lomboy trees. During this phase, interactions with locals gave us invaluable insights. One memorable experience was witnessing a local woman demonstrate the traditional method of rolling Lomboy leaves using a Bolo Knife. One of the women there actually showed us how they roll them using a Bolo Knife, essentially a machete, to curl the leaf. Here is a video of a woman rolling Lomboy leaves.

Sustainability is Our Commitment

We have a team crafting Bamboo Tips and leaf collection and rolling. Situated on a small island, they maintain a sustainable supply chain. This ensures a minimal carbon footprint.

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Global Shipping Challenges & Triumphs

Shipping Our Products from the Philippines

Manufacturing in the Philippines is merely half the story. Navigating the complexities of international shipping is our other narrative. Over the past seven years, we’ve tirelessly worked on establishing robust shipping partnerships. Though the pandemic presented hurdles, it also nudged us to enhance our logistics. Natural challenges, like typhoons from August to December, can impact our supply chain. Rest assured, barring our Sunflower Blunts, we maintain ample stock, ensuring your orders reach you within five days.

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