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Blunt Wrap Comparison

Of all the Blunt Wraps on the market today we feel we have the best wraps out there. Let's go over the qualities our wraps have and then discuss & compare them to the other varieties on the market.

Qualities of Jungle Blunts

Jungle Blunts

Blunt Wrap Comparison Chart


In the chart above you can see how we compare to other types of blunt wraps. We understand this is a very simplistic chart but it shows how Jungle Blunts out performs in every category. 

Comparison Results

Great Taste

Taste - While flavored wraps do have a taste, they are given that taste by chemicals which are harmful to you. Jungle Blunts have a mild flavor, that combines with your herbs. We understand that taste is a matter of individual preference but during our trials, we found a high percentage of people really liked the flavor of our Jungle Blunts. Try them out and give us some feedback on the site.


Burn Rate - Our wraps burn super slow compared to other wraps, especially Vegetable Wraps. One 5" cone burns for around 25 to 30 mins.


Chemicals - Jungle Blunts and Vegetable Wraps have no chemicals, while the Tobacco, Paper Wraps and Flavored Wraps do. Jungle Blunts are Tobacco Free.


From the qualities we have charted, you can see why we feel we have the best wraps on the market. All Natural, No Chemicals, Enhancing Qualities, Smooth Taste, Slow Burn and Mild Aroma. 


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