Looking for Rolling Papers?

Rolling Papers are boring to be honest. Our Blunt Cones are Tobacco Free & much more FUN! We have 4 types of leaves and 5 varieties. The easiest way to try all of our Blunt Cones is to buy a Variety Pack. It comes with 2 of each type. But hold on! Why are our wraps so cool? Well, read on and see. The reviews we have been getting all agree with us but don’t take anyone’s word for it, Just order a pack and see for yourself!

We’ve Got an Amazing Alternative

jungle blunts - blunt cones

"My order came and all is great!! I’ve had a chance to test out the Brown Lomboy so far and I like it a lot better other cones out there. The product Very natural and smooth feel when using, a nice slow burn and good aroma. I like how raw and organic they feel.."  ~ Joshua Brown

"Just tried one out. let me say that was the best and handiest blunt i have ever smoked. 10/10 for sure. thank you so much!" 

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Advantages - Blunt Cones vs. Rolling Papers


Advantages of Our Blunt Cones

  • Easy to Pack on the Go

  • Natural Leaves - No Chemicals

  • No Glue Ever Needed

  • Medicinal Properties

  • Environmentally Friendly Product

  • Slower Burn Rate

  • No Soggy Ends with our Bamboo Tips

  • 4”, 5”, & Special 8” Sizes

rolling papers
Jungle Blunt - Lomboy Green

Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones