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Jungle Blunts are made from several types of fruit tree leaves and are Tobacco Free. If you're looking for Tobacco Free Blunt Wraps you came to the right place. These leaves actually have medicinal properties and also contain TriterpenoidsTriterpenoids have been found to be effective for several human diseases, including various cancers. Terpenes have also been found to enhance the herbs you smoke. We never add anything to our wraps, they are naturally grown in the Jungles of the Philippines. 


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Cultural Smoking Practices 

Jungle Blunts has 4 leaves to choose from all of which are Ayurvedic Herbs. Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is the world’s oldest healing science.Each leaf has its own unique flavor. Lomboy (Brown or Green), Cacao, Guava, & Banana. These tobacco free wraps are grown naturally in the jungles of the Philippines. These leaves have all also been used to make tea in various cultures around the world. The medicinal qualities of each leaf are well documented on the net. Lomboy has been used to smoke tobacco for over 200 years in the Philippines. Guava has also been used in the Philippines as a smudge for cleansing similar to American Indians using Sage. It is also used to make tea. 


Religious History of the Lomboy Tree

The Lomboy tree is venerated by Buddhists, and it is commonly planted near Hindu temples because it is considered sacred to Krishna. The leaves and fruits are employed in worshipping the elephant-headed god, Ganesha or Vinaijaka, the personification of "Pravana" or "Om", the apex of Hindu religion and philosophy.


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We have created Jungle Blunts as Natural Alternative to smoke your herbal blends. All of our products are tobacco free and never contain any chemicals. Have a look at all our products below. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to message us (via Facebook Messenger on the bottom right) if you have any questions.