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Wild Grown Leaves

Wild Grown” means that the plant, tree, fungi, etc. is not farmed and is found in the wild, whereas “Organic Certified” and “Certified Naturally Grown” plants are grown, cultivated, and planted, but not wild.

Wild food was once a necessity for human survival, unfortunately now most traditional knowledge of wild food has been lost.

Plants growing in their natural environment face many obstacles, like overly dry or excessively humid conditions, competing with other plants, insects, etc. Consequently, this is why wild-grown plants and trees are stronger, with a greater variety of active substances.

Interestingly, many plant species we view as weeds are edible and nutritious. We clear away ‘weeds’ to grow crops, yet many wild plants are more nutritious than their cultivated counterparts. One of the worst things we can continue to do is monocropping. In this practice, there is no diversity of plant species, and soil health is diminished over time.

Jungle Blunts Leaf Pickers

Jungle Blunts harvests leaves from trees growing wild in the jungles of the Philippines. We pay special attention not to disturb other plants during the harvesting process and being a Horticulturist I have taught and given guidance to our leaf harvesters in this regard. We also work with the local government agency to ensure we are working within the laws.

Wild Grown means our leaves are free from any Chemicals and Fertilizers. Our recent Lab Test Results show this. I have also taught our leaf harvesters how to choose the trees we harvest from. Furthermore, we harvest wild bamboo to make our own bamboo tips. Everything we do is to ensure the Blunt Cones and Wraps we produce are 100% safe and free from any harmful chemicals or impurities.

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