Organic Blunt Wraps – 10 Brown Lomboy Blunt Cones – 4″ 5″


Naturally Grown – Lab Tested Blunt Wraps – Each Lomboy Leaf has been Handpicked and Rolled in the Jungles of the Philippines – Smooth taste & Slow burn. Our Original Brown Blunt Wraps are rolled into cones for ease of use. (Pack of 10 w/Bamboo Tips – 4″ & 5″ Cones) Order Now!

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Premium Naturally Grown Blunt Wraps!

Our Wraps are Handpicked and Rolled in the Jungles of the Philippines.

Non-Tobacco – Non-GMO – No Chemicals


Premium Blunt Wrap – Brown Lomboy

4" Brown Lomboy ConeThe most natural and organic slow-burning Premium Cone Wraps sourced directly from a Tropical Jungle Paradise. This pack includes 10 Premium Brown Lomboy leaves in the sizes selected. Smooth, Slow Burning Blunt Wraps. These innovative blunt wraps are made with Ayurveda Herbs. These leaves are from the Lomboy Tree as it is known in the Visayas.

Our leaves are Handpicked and Hand Rolled. We Sell only High-Quality Leaves. They Feature a Bamboo Tip which helps keep the Blunts Tight, provides a Solid Mouthpiece, and Eliminates Soggy Ends to your Blunts. The Bamboo Tips are Reusable and can be cleaned with a water/vinegar solution. They will last up to 6 months to 1 year if taken care of properly.




Jungle Blunts - Lab Tested Blunt ConesJungle Blunts were tested by Clips Labs recently for Pesticides, Solvents, Mycotoxins, Microbials, and Heavy Metals. We passed in all categories. Click to view Jungle Blunts Lab Test Results

  • Residual Solvents – Testing for all 20 required solvents on the CA Category I and Category II lists.

  • Pesticides – Testing for 66 pesticides required by the state of CA on cannabis products.

  • Mycotoxins – Testing for aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, and ochratoxin A.

  • Heavy Metals – Testing for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.




Every order you place creates a job for our Artisan Rollers and Bamboo Craftsman who would otherwise have little opportunity to earn money.

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